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Children & Youth Programs

Family Support Network

The American Legion recognizes that families of deployed and activated military personnel face special difficulties and hardships. With the help of the Family Support Network, these families do not have to shoulder this burden alone. Families can request assistance from local American Legion Family members by calling the toll-free number or filling out an online application.

MORE INFORMATION: 800-504-4098

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Temporary Financial Assistance

Since its establishment in 1925, The American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) program has awarded cash grants to minor children of current active duty or American Legion members. These grants help families in need meet the cost of shelter, food, utilities and health expenses, thereby keeping the child or children in a more stable environment.

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American Legion Veteran & Children Foundation

Since its creation in 1925, The American Legion Veterans & Children Foundation has delivered over $30 million in financial assistance for disabled veterans, military families and young people who lost parents in service to our nation. Income from the foundation investments is used to fund Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation programs and Temporary Financial Assistance, which provides funds to minor children of active duty or American Legion members.

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National Family Week

The American Legion has long recognized the family as the foundation of this nation. A guiding principle of The American Legion’s Children & Youth programs continues to be maintaining the integrity of the family.

Since 1972, every U.S. president has declared the week of Thanksgiving as National Family Week. All members of The American Legion Family are encouraged to initiate and engage in local activities during National Family Week that promote, encourage and celebrate healthy families and communities.

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American Education Week

The purpose of American Education Week is to recognize the contributions made by schools, school boards, administrators and teachers to our cherished American way of life in public and private schools in every community.

All citizens interested in the education of their children and grandchildren and who continue with their involvement in today’s schools are encouraged to participate.

The specific days will vary from community to community but the national observance will be during the third week of November.

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